Directions for Employers and UMD Departments, Programs, and Colleges

1. For Employers/Internship Sponsors (includes UMD entities not part of #2 below)
This listing is for employers/internship sponsors (including UMD departments, programs and colleges) who want to offer an internship opportunity to University of Maryland students. This service is available through the University of Maryland's Careers4Terps.

2. For Established Credit-Bearing University of Maryland Programs
This is for established, credit-bearing programs that exist across the University of Maryland. These are internships where a student will receive credit upon successful completion of the internship and any associated course(s). These internships are most often found by students through the following:

  • College departments and their internship coordinators - often these internships are associated with a department course
  • As part of special programs that are not associated with one specific college or department
  • Campus offices
  • As part of a major or minor

Campus programs, departments, and colleges might want to review the list of University of Maryland ongoing established programs with for-credit internship opportunities to see if your program would fit with these programs, or to update the listing of your program.